GCS 2010
DSC00001 copy

Community Pre-Constuction Meeting

DSC00006 copy

Stake line of the new road

DSC00007 copy

Preparing to unload the equipment

DSC00009 copy

First 740 off gets stuck

DSC00024 copy

Setting up the staging area

DSC00035 copy

Going to set up camp

DSC00041 copy

Setting up waddles

DSC00047 copy

Working on the haul road

DSC00049 copy

Setting up waddles at Pit 1

DSC00155 copy

Working material in Pit #2

DSC00162 copy

Building up the haul road

DSC00204 copy

Road 1002-10

DSC00207 copy

Working the first lift

DSC00228 copy

Feeding the crusher

DSC00259 copy

740 loaded up

DSC00047 copy

Working the material with the dozer

DSC00050 copy

Installing a man hole

DSC00057 copy

Safety first?


Gambell Native Store driveway

DSC00063 copy

Working the slope with the dozer

DSC00073 copy

Flaggers standing by

DSC00086 copy

Airport Road getting a lift

DSC00088 copy

Rolling out the geotextile

DSC00100 copy

Drilling and prepping for a blast

DSC00106 copy

Working a lift on Jeanne Lavendar Road

DSC00113 copy

ATV's on Housing Street

DSC00115 copy

Working pit #1

DSC00125 copy

Housing Street

DSC00127 copy

Cross Country Running practice


The second lift on Housing Street

DSC00097 copy

Pit 1 after a blast

DSC00100 copy

Drilling and preparing for a blast

DSC00181 copy

Compacting a culvert installation

DSC00183 copy

Start of Evacuation Road

DSC00184 copy


DSC00196 copy

Culvert Installation

DSC00201 copy

Road 1002-10


North Beach Road

DSC00149 copy

Drilling for another blast


The playground being relocated


Road 1002-10


A.Burmeister on the job site

DSC00226 copy

740's prepped for winter storage

DSC00228 copy

Equipment ready for winter storage

DSC00221 copy

Equipment lined up for winter storage


Eagle Crusher ready for winter storage